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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are You Feeling Lost?

Feeling lost on an emotional level is a common experience for many adults.  Many people go through periods in their lives when they feel lost and alone, and it can be almost as frightening as the experience of being lost as a child.  This is especially true if these adults experienced feelings of being alone, lonely or abandoned as children.

Are You Feeling Lost?

Whether the experience of feeling lost is the result of the death of a loved one, the loss of a friend, a betrayal, a job loss, or some other emotionally challenging experience, you can feel like you've fallen into an abyss.

Supportive Family and Friends Might Not Know How to Help You
If you're fortunate enough to have supportive family and friends, you might not feel as alone.  Emotional support can help you to weather this time.  But, if you're going through an especially bad time, your family and friends might not know how to help you to overcome your feeling of being lost.

Are You Feeling Lost Emotionally?

Some people, unintentionally, make it worse by telling you to "get over it" or to "buck up."  Although they might be well meaning, this can make you feel worse because you're unable to just "get over it," even though you would very much like to do it.

Feeling Lost: Friends and Family Might Be Well-Intentioned, But They Might Not Be Helpful

If you've gone through similar experiences in the past and you overcame those experiences, it might help you in dealing with your current feelings.  You might even be able to look back on those earlier experiences and realize that, although they were very challenging, you learned important lessons in life.

The Challenging of Feeling Lost 

But, depending upon what you're going through now, knowing that you'll eventually learn important lessons can be cold comfort when you're feeling lost.

Getting Professional Help in Therapy
At that point, rather than suffering on your own, you could benefit from getting help from a licensed mental health professional who has experience helping therapy clients through lost periods in their lives.   

Getting help from a licensed therapist can make the difference between prolonged emotional suffering and making an emotional transition.

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