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Friday, August 9, 2013

Coping With Stress and the Mind-Body Connection: Calming the Mind, Calming the Body

When you're overwhelmed by stress, calming your mind can help you to calm your body. It also works the other way around: Calming the body helps to calm the mind.

Coping With Stress and the Mind-Body Connection

Your particular reaction to stress is determined, in part, by your sympathetic nervous system, which is part of your autonomic nervous system.

The function of the sympathetic nervous system is to mobilize you for a fight-flight response if you're in danger. When you're in a high degree of stress, whether it's about positive or negative events, you might experience various stress-related symptoms, including an increase in heart rate, dilated pupils, an increase in blood pressure, pale, cold skin, and so on.

Many people who have experienced a significant amount of stress over a period of time are in a constant state of anxiety, and even relatively minor incidents of new stress can trigger a high degree of emotional activation.

For these people, even minor stressors, like waiting on a grocery line, getting caught in traffic, or waiting for a train, can cause an emotional overreaction because they're already in a state of high activation from chronic and unrelenting stress. Just coping and getting through each day can be a challenge.

Over time, an inability to cope with stress can have a negative impact on a person's confidence and self esteem.

Stress Management:
In order to cope more effectively with stress, it's important to find healthy ways to de-stress.

In the next few blog posts, I'll discuss specific, effective methods for calming the mind and the body. As a psychotherapist in NYC, I often recommend and teach these methods to my clients in my private practice.

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