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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Challenges Many Gay Men Face at Midlife

Steven Petrow wrote an article for the New York Times in which he gives advice to gay men in midlife who feel "invisible" in the gay male community (see link below).

As a psychotherapist in NYC, who specializes in working with the LGBT community, I've heard many older gay men talk about the social isolation they feel in the gay male community because they say there is such an emphasis on being young in that community and, as older men, they feel like outcasts.

Add to this that older gay men have often lost many friends and lovers to AIDS and you can begin to understand the challenges that they face.

The Challenges Many Gay Men Face in Midlife

Older Lesbians, in General, Tend to Have More of a Social Network
As compared to older gay men, older lesbians, in general, tend to have more of a social network because there isn't such an emphasis on being young, and lesbians aren't as affected by AIDS as gay men.

I would be interested to hear from older gay men, who have experienced this type of social isolation, especially with regard to any useful strategies you would recommend for your peers.

I've included resource links below.

A Gay Man at Midlife Ponders Being Lonely and "Invisible" - by Steven Petrow - New York Times

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