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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Psychotherapy Daily News - 1/23/13

Today's Psychotherapy Daily News, which has articles from my psychotherapy blog as well stories and videos from 
other psychotherapy sources, includes the following stories and videos:

  • Psychotherapy:  Healing Your Emotional Wounds
  • Psychotherapy and Beginner's Mind
  • Resilience:  Bouncing Back from Life's ChallengesEMDR Self Help Book:  Getting Past Your Past
  • Memory Experiment
  • Update on Adolescent Mood Disorders
  • Planck's Law of Generations - Psychiatric Times
  • Family Habits:  The Key to Controlling Childhood Obesity
  • Video:  Stories of Hope and Recovery - Jordan's Story
  • Video:  Hurricane Sandy - Dr. Steven Southwick (Psychiatric Times)

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