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Friday, January 25, 2013

Psychotherapy Daily News - 1/25/13

Psychotherapy Daily News for today, 1/25/13, has articles from Psychiatric Times, American Psychological Association (APA) Help Center, Good, New York Times Health, Harvard Business Review, Psychotherapy Networker, Science Daily, and this psychotherapy blog, among others, about mental health issues, science, health, the environment, and leisure issues.

Here are a list of just some of the articles, which represents the latest and most interesting news stories:

  • Your Relationship:  Should You Stay or Should You Go?
  • Relationships:  Covert Belittling
  • Overcoming Trauma with Somatic Experiencing
  • The Joy of Being Attuned to Your Inner Child
  • Working with the Borderline Client
  • Can a Sense of Control Increase Your Lifespan?
  • Red Explosions:  Secret Life of Binary Stars is Revealed
  • Scientists Discover How Epigenetic Information Could Be Inherited - Mechanisms of Epigenetic Reprogramming Revealed
  • Parenting - The Art of Benign Neglect
  • Getting Naked:  It's Not Just About Sex

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