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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gathering Inspiration From Everyday Life: Musing About the Full Moon

Two weeks ago, I was coming home from my psychotherapy private practice at about 8:30 PM when I happened to look up and notice the full moon.  There was something so beautiful and inspiring about the moon and how it was framed in the sky by the trees that made me stop and look.  

It was a clear, mild night so I could also see some stars.  Silvery clouds surrounded the moon and, as I walked slowly and continued to look up, I realized that I hadn't seen such a beautiful moon in such a long time.

Then I wondered:  Was this particular full moon any more beautiful than others or have I forgotten lately to look up and appreciate the moon's beauty during these winter months?

The Full Moon: Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life

I realized that it was probably a little of both, so I took several pictures of the moon from different angles to remind myself, once again, that I can find inspiration in everyday life by simply looking and noticing the beauty around me.

Words are inadequate to describe how uplifting it was to see the moon embraced by the trees and silvery clouds.  Afterwards, I emailed the pictures to a couple of friends, who also appreciated the sight of the full moon in all her majesty.

I was reminded that no matter how tired, worn out, worried or sad we might feel on any given day, it only takes a second to look at the moon or a flower or whatever else might be in your environment that might inspire you.

Taking Care of Mother Earth
It's also a reminder that if we want to continue to have beauty in our environment, we must take care of Mother Earth--our air, water, trees, the animals, and all that helps to sustain us both physically and emotionally.

Taking Care of Mother Earth

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