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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dreams: Looking Within Yourself for Inspiration

As a society, I believe we tend to be mostly outer directed.  We're bombarded with messages that to be happy we need to look a certain way or have certain things in our lives.  No sooner do we achieve the latest "look" and acquire the latest things that are supposed to make us happy than we discover that there's a "new look" or a new thing to acquire.  To try to keep up is like running on a treadmill that never stops, leaving us feeling more and more dissatisfied.

Looking Within Yourself for Inspiration
When we put our faith in things outside ourselves, we're bound to be constantly disappointed.  So, rather than continuing to run on a treadmill that never stops, we would do a lot better to look within ourselves for inspiration.

Dreams:  Looking Within Yourself for Inspiration
Dreams are a Rich Source for Inspiration
Exploring your dreams is one way to look within yourself for inspiration.

In an earlier blog, I discussed how you can use dream incubation to "plant seeds" for inspiration or motivation to make changes (see link below).

Developing the Ability to Remember Your Dreams
If you develop your ability to remember your dreams, your dreams can be a rich source of inspiration that are always available to you.  And the more skilled you become at remembering and using your dreams for inspiration, the better you become at it, just like any skill.

A lot people think they don't dream at night because they don't remember their dreams.  But everyone has at least 5-6 dreams per night.  We tend to remember the dreams that we have closest to when we wake up.

If you want to remember your dreams, make a habit of writing them down or recording them as soon as you wake up.  After a while, you'll probably notice interesting synchronicities and inspiration that comes from your dreams.  You might even have more intuitive experiences once you begin working with your dreams.

Rather than approaching it like a grim task, have fun with it!

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