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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking Control of Your Life: Are You in the Driver's Seat or Just Along for the Drive?

Do you feel confident about your life or do you feel like a leaf being blown around by the wind?  Many people who have experienced trauma or hard times feel that they no longer have control over their lives.   Rather than feeling like they're in the driver's seat, they feel like they're being driven around without any sense of control over what happens in their lives.

Taking Control of Your Life:  Are You in the Driver's Seat or Just Along for the Ride?
Psychotherapy Can Help You to Feel Empowered in Your Life
One of the most disempowering experiences is to feel that you lack the power to control your life.  If you've been feeling this way for a long time, it might feel like things might never change, especially if you keep giving yourself negative messages, like "I'm no good" or "I'm worthless."

Psychotherapy with a licensed, skilled clinician can help you to feel empowered in your life.  If you've experienced emotional trauma, even if it was a long time ago, you can work through trauma so that it no longer has an emotionally disempowering affect on you.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to working through trauma or emotional setbacks that have caused you to lose confidence in yourself.

As a psychotherapist in NYC, I have found that using mind-body oriented psychotherapy, like clinical hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing or EMDR, is often more effective than talk therapy.

Once you have worked through the emotional setbacks that have caused you to lose confidence in yourself, you're more likely to feel empowered to take control of your life.  At that point, you'll be free from the emotional history that caused you to feel like you're just going through life "along for the ride" as opposed to making things happen for yourself and leading an emotionally satisfying life.

Getting Help
Rather than continuing to feel like a leaf in the wind, you owe it to yourself to get help.

I am a licensed NYC psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing therapist.  I work with individual adults and couples.

I have helped many clients to work through emotional setbacks so they feel empowered in their lives. 

To find out more about me, visit my website:  Josephine Ferraro, LCSW - NYC Psychotherapist

To set up a consultation, call me at (212) 726-1006.

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