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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Relationships: New York Times - Modern Love: When a Mother is a Professional Profiler

There's an interesting and funny New York Times called "When a Mother is a Professional Profiler - Modern Love" by Liza Monroy:

In the article, Ms. Monroy writes about her mother, who was a professional profiler for the State Department for over 20 years and who uses her profiling skills to assess Ms. Monroy's boyfriends.

As most of us know, often other people see things about lovers and potential lovers that we don't see.  I wrote a blog post about this recently called "Could it be that  your friends see things about your lover that you don't see?"

In Ms. Monroy's article, she adds a new twist to other people seeing things about your lover that you don't see with her mother using her profiling skills, without even having met some of these men, based on seeing photographs or reading a man's Face Book page, and she's usually right!

This is certainly food for thought in terms of what each of us might be unconsciously ignoring when we really like (or love) someone and we don't want to see that it's not going to work out.

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