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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The System is Broken: Why Your Family Doctor Might Be Leaving the Medical Field

Family doctors, also known as primary care physicians, have increasingly stressful jobs.  Aside from what I hear directly from doctors about this, I also recently came across an article by Dr. Lydia Dugdale on a website called (see the link to Dr. Dugdale's article below).  

In her 1/21/13 article, Dr. Dugdale writes about the pressures of being a primary care doctor today, including: the manic pace of the work, pressure to spend no more than 15 minutes with each patient, extra administrative work that family doctors perform "behind the scenes" when they're not with patients, the struggle to find job satisfaction, burnout, and the fact that relatively few medical students are going into primary care treatment these days.
Why Your Family Doctor Might Be Leaving the Medical Field
The System is Broken
Dr. Dugdale articulates well what I've heard from other primary care doctors--the system is broken.  As a result, more medical students are opting to go into specializations.  Specialists are also under increased pressure, especially if they take managed care insurance.  But primary care doctors, whom Dr. Dugdale describes as "jack of all trades," have unique problems.

What Can Be Done to Fix This Broken System?
Dr. Dugdale, who says she loves working with her patients and would prefer to stay in the field, also has recommendations on how to improve the system.

Read her article:  Don't Make Me Leave Primary Care - by Lydia Dugdale, MD, educate yourself about what's happening in the medical field and what can be done to stem the tide of primary care physicians who are leaving the field.

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