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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Psychotherapy Daily News Summary: 1/26/13

Today's Psychotherapy Daily News is out with the latest news about mental health, science, health, education, the environment and more.  

The 1/26/13 edition of Psychotherapy Daily News is made up of articles from the Psychotherapy Networker, Psychiatric Times, APA Help Center, Science Daily, NY Times Health, Yoga Journal, Harvard Business Review, Good Therapy, as well as this psychotherapy blog and other publications.

Psychotherapy Daily News
Here are are list of some of the articles in today's Psychotherapy Daily News:

  • What's New Under the Moon--Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation
  • Talking to Your Child's Pediatrician About Behavioral Problems and Medication
  • Family Support Can Decrease Psychological Strain in Military Personnel
  • Tough Times for Psychotherapy:  Finding Strength in Community Expertise
  • Addressing Anxiety and the Negative Feedback Loop
  • "Cool" Kids in Middle School Bully More, Psychologists Report
  • Stop Surfing the Internet Now--Management Tip of the Day
  • Self Esteem in Action
  • From Flow to Slow (Yoga)
  • Qigong Improves Quality of Life for Breast Cancer Patients, Study Says
  • DNA and Quantum Data:  All That Glitters is Not  Gold
  • Dream Incubation - Planting Seeds
  • Coping with the Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Listening to the Mind-Body Connection
  • Living Authentically, Aligned with Your Values
  • Increased Fruit and Veg Consumption Associated with Positive Mood
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Psychotherapy Daily News

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