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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Healing Power of Clinical Hypnosis

As a hypnotherapist in NYC, I have worked with many clients who have come for smoking cessation, trauma, phobias, and creative endeavors of all kinds. Hypnotherapy is often successful because it works on a much deeper level than talk therapy. Clinical hypnosis helps you to access your unconscious mind where you can make changes on a much deeper level.

A Relaxed State of Dual Awareness 
When you are in a hypnotic trance, you're in a state of dual awareness: You're in a relaxed state and aware of everything around you at the same time.

You're in Control When You're in the Hypnotic State
You're in complete control. If you needed to, at any time, you could come out of the hypnotic trance.

An Upward Spiral
One of the things that's interesting about hypnosis is that, often, when you make one change in your life, it often leads to an upward spiral in other areas of your life.

I am a licensed NYC psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, Somatic Experiencing therapist, and EMDR therapist.  I work with individuals and couples.

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