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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transforming Anxiety with Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a Safe and Effective Form of Therapy to Overcome Anxiety:
Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes. When we talk about anxiety, we are talking about a problem that is on a spectrum.

 For some people, anxiety is circumstantial and it's related to particular events in their lives. For others, it's a pervasive feeling of dread.

Transforming Anxiety With Clinical Hypnosis

Research has shown that clinical hypnosis, when performed by a licensed mental health professional with advanced training in hypnotherapy, is often a safe and very effective form of psychotherapy that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, usually in much less time than regular talk therapy.

 As a hypnotherapist in NYC, I have helped many clients to overcome the damaging emotional and physical effects of anxiety so they can take back control of their lives.

The Effects of Too Much Stress and Anxiety:
Some stress is a normal part of life. In fact, a certain amount of stress is often optimal in helping us to function in our daily lives.

The Effect of Too Much Stress and Anxiety

But when stress increases beyond this optimal level and it's sustained at high levels for a period of time, it can have serious negative effects on our overall health and emotional well-being.

 Excessive worry, sleepless nights, overeating, drinking too much, smoking, drug abuse, irritability, arguing with a spouse or partner, isolation and avoiding contact with friends and family, as well as stomach problems, headaches and other health problems are often directly connected to anxiety.

Clinical Hypnosis Can Help You to Learn to Relax and Bring Balance into Your Life and Discover Underlying Causes of Anxiety:
Clinical hypnosis can help transform anxiety on many levels. It can help you to learn to relax and bring more emotional balance in your life.

 You can learn hypnotherapy techniques that you can use on your own to relax and manage your stress and anxiety.

 Clinical hypnosis can also help you to discover and transform the underlying issues that might be causing anxiety because, as you might know, sometimes we know the cause of our anxiety and sometimes we don't.

For instance, I see many clients who come to see me in my psychotherapy practice in NYC for anxiety and they can't connect their anxiety to anything in particular that is currently going on in their lives or in their history. They just feel anxious all of the time.

 For many of them, over time, their anxiety has taken a toll on their physical health, due to the mind-body connection, as well as their personal and work-related relationships. While they might have been able to live with their anxiety for many years, they get to a point where it's having serious consequences for them and they can no longer try to avoid dealing with it.

Anxiety Doesn't Always Look Like Typical Anxiety:
As I mentioned earlier, anxiety comes in many different guises. Sometimes, it might not even look like what you might typically think of as anxiety.

 For some people who seem to be always angry and irritable, the underlying issue is often that they are anxious and they don't even realize it. They might not connect their anger or irritability with anxiety. 

Their attitude might be, "This is just the way that I am. I've always been this way." But when a spouse or a boss tells them that they need to do something about their anger and irritability or else there will be consequences (the end of a relationship or marriage or job loss), they can't avoid facing that their way of relating is not working for them and the people around them.

Clinical Hypnosis Can Help With Fear of Dental Work and Medical Procedures:
For other people, anxiety might mean that they dread and avoid going to the doctor or the dentist. In fact, there are many medical doctors and dentists who are now trained in clinical hypnosis to help their patients overcome their dread.

Clinical Hypnosis Can Help With Fear of Dental Work and Medical Procedures

 I've seen many clients in my private practice in NYC who have avoided going to the doctor or the dentist for years because they've had such high anxiety about these medical and dental visits.

As a result of their high anxiety, their medical and dental health often deteriorates to such a degree that a condition that might have necessitated a routine procedure years ago has now escalated into a serious problem that now requires the kind of treatment that they feared all along.

Clinical hypnosis can be very effective in helping with pre-dental or pre-surgical anxiety. Hypnosis can also help mothers-to-be have a calmer and less painful child birth. Clients who learn to use clinical hypnosis learn how to calm themselves and create a relaxed state so that they usually have much better dental, medical and surgical outcomes than people with anxiety who have these procedures without hypnosis.

Avoidance and Performance Anxiety:
Avoidance is often a big part of anxiety. Overwhelming anxiety can keep people in relationships that are no longer working for them because they fear letting go and lack confidence that they'll find someone else.

Anxiety can also get in the way of going out, meeting new people or starting a relationship. Avoidance anxiety can also keep someone in a dead end job. Anxiety is also often a factor in performance anxiety in sports.

Performance anxiety is often a factor in erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation, often ruining relationships. Performance anxiety often gets in the way of people advancing in their careers because a promotion might involve public speaking and they dread it. So, rather than seeking a career promotion, people often allow their anxiety to get in the way and they convince themselves that they're not interested in advancing.

Clinical Hypnosis Can Also Complement Your Current Talk Therapy Treatment:
Clinical hypnosis can be used as a form of adjunctive psychotherapy. That means that you can stay with your current psychotherapist, who isn't trained in clinical hypnosis, and see a hypnotherapist to overcome a particular problem.

 When clients participate in clinical hypnosis while continuing to see their current psychotherapists, the two mental health professionals usually confer so that they become a treatment team working for you. Depending upon the issue, you might only need 3-5 clinical hypnosis sessions to overcome the problem.

Don't Allow Anxiety to be an Obstacle in Your Life:
Rather than allowing anxiety to be the obstacle that keeps you stuck, sick or unhappy, you could benefit from seeking the help of a licensed mental health professional who is trained in advanced clinical hypnosis.

To find out more about clinical hypnosis, you can visit the profession's website, ASCH (American Society for Clinical Hypnosis):

I am a licensed NYC psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who has helped clients to transform their anxiety so that they lead happier lives.

To find out more about me, you can visit my website: Josephine Ferraro, LCSW - NYC Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapist

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