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Friday, September 25, 2009

Feeling Empowered in Your Career: Entrepreneurship

Considering the fact that most of us spend at least eight or more hours a day, five days a week doing some type of work, knowing what type of work best suits you is essential to feeling satisfied and empowered in your career.

What contributes to most people's overall satisfaction at work?For most people, a sense of independence and control contributes to their overall satisfaction and gratification in their work. They also want to feel respected and appreciated. Having the power to be creative and make decisions enables many people to thrive in their careers. Sometimes, this can be achieved in certain innovative corporate settings. But more and more people are finding true passion in their career by becoming entrepreneurs.

What are the qualities of an entrepreneur?By nature, entrepreneurs thrive on independence, risk taking, negotiation, taking command, being creative and innovative, and taking action. They often have a talent and an intuitive sense for anticipating new trends in business. They exude determination. They usually feel at ease in interpersonal encounters, and most people like them, find them inspiring, and want to be led by them. Most of the time, they're able to generate excitement and enthusiasm about their projects. Other people will often say that they feel energized and motivated by them. If they're at a social gathering, it's not unusual to see them at the center of attention. Usually, the people around them can sense their charisma and want to be around them.

In New York City, there are many different kinds of entrepreneurs and many networking and social opportunities to meet them. Very often, entrepreneurs will say that, ever since they were children, they were recognized for their leadership abilities. Whether it was in the classroom, in sports or in other children's activities, the other children looked up to them and wanted to be led by them. Most entrepreneurs also have an intuitive sense about other people. They can usually "read" a person, an environment or a situation well, and they often see possibilities for new ventures that others miss. Some entrepreneurs have such a need to take action that they can get caught up in cycles of boom and bust. The most successful entrepreneurs know how to consolidate and build a firm foundation for their business so they don't get caught in these cycles.

Are you feeling stuck in your career?
Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone and it might not appeal to you. There are many other ways to find career satisfaction. But if you feel you have the talent, the qualities and the desire to become an entrepreneur, what's keeping you stuck? Of course, you might say that this prolonged recession can be discouraging and you probably don't want to give up your day job while you're developing your ideas. But many people, especially in New York City, are finding opportunities to exert their entrepreneurial spirit. Many others, anticipating the end of the recession, are making plans to move ahead with their projects when the time is right.

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