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Thursday, August 6, 2009

How the Mind Develops

Have you ever wondered how our minds develop?

I've begun re-reading Dr. Daniel Siegel's book, The Developing Mind, which I highly recommend. He presents research and case examples of how our early relationships affect the development of our minds. He discusses how the brain develops, how emotions develop in infancy, and how we create memories, both implict and explicit.

Implicit memories are memories that we form before we have language (pre-verbal) and explicit memories are memories that we form after we can express ourselves verbally. This is one explanation as to why we don't have explicit memories of early infancy, although we might have memories of those times that we carry in our minds and bodies and that might get triggered under certain circumstances. He also reviews extensive infant research on attachment theory--how we are affected by the quality of our early bonding with our caregivers (whether it's a secure attachment or not) and what a powerful effect this has, often unconsciously, later in life in our personal and work-related relationships.

It's a fascinating book and hard to put down once you start.

For more information about Dr. Daniel Siegel and his work, I suggest you visit his web site ( which is also filled with interesting information.

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